Friday, October 12, 2012

Get things FREE with Listia!

Listia is a barter service where you earn points for each item you give away. Members bid on the items and the highest bidder gets the prize. You can then use the points you earn to "purchase" items from other "sellers." Little to no money changes hands, depending solely on the shipping arrangements (and then of course if the item is a gift card that might count as cash tender). What is great about this is that it really encourages sustainability and works outside of the economic system ( avoiding the concerns of money changing hands over the internet), yet still provides incentive for participation by earning points which can be used to receive other items and each trade is backed by Listia assurance.

Here are  the rules:

"Buyers get a FULL REFUND of credits:

  1. If an item won on Listia is not received or significantly not as described in the listing.
  2. If a seller changes the listing terms (as outlined in the description) after it ends, and the buyer disagrees.
Sellers can KEEP ALL credits:

  1. If a winner does not pay shipping, is non-responsive, or otherwise experiences buyer's remorse.
  2. If a winner claims they did not receive an item, but the seller has provided a valid tracking number."

A few weeks back I wrote about bartering. This service is the modern day version of that. I am looking for seeds... perhaps the old man I met at the store with a strange idea was not so strange after all.

Receive 100 BONUS points by following this link to sign up:

Would you participate in something like this? What items would you give away? What items would you look for?

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