Sunday, April 21, 2013

Happy Birthday to Our Returning Guest Blogger:Krystal! NSFW (Due to men with no shirts & funny language)

My name is not larry, but this was a cute one!

It's Krystal's birthday today!!

You may remember Krystal from our past guest posts. In honor of Krystal's birthday, I made this compilation of Youtube videos. Heads up: some videos are potentially not be safe for work, depending on your job.

You and the kids can dance to this one:

I know you aren't 20...

WTF? Just for the lulz

The intro is at least cute..

Give him a break.. he's too drunk to know your real name (or spelling)...

We already met, but what the heck...

This girl starts out looking like someone we would have been friends with in high school...

*Disclaimer: None of these videos were made for Krystal. All videos were made for someone else named Krystal. I find that Youtube videos are much more entertaining when viewed in a context they were not intentionally mean to be viewed.*

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