Sunday, February 24, 2013

New Hobby Lobby Coupon Up! Plus Sale Ad!

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I love Hobby Lobby. They have great craft supplies, my favorite bead assortment, and lots of cute decor.

Check out their in store ad here. It looks like they have some good deals this week in jewelry making, crafts, and Easter decor!

You can use coupon code 2289 on the website (valid until Midnight March 2nd), or print out a paper coupon for use in the stores.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

How to Be a Super Mom: Part 3: Growing, Growing, Grown!

The following is the second in a guest post series by Krystal Taylor my good friend and “Super Mom” of three...

A few months after her second and third children were born (surprise, twins!), her husband got laid off so she had to go back to work. Here are a few of the life saving tips that she uses to balance work and home life.

Growing, Growing, Grown :-(

Somewhere along the line of being a parent I started to become crafty. I also realized by me being crafty, I could save money and have something fun to do. I decided one say that I wanted growth charts for my kids. Well, we got paper ones and they were ripped down the first week. I need something more durable. I looked on but to buy three I was going to pay close to $300.00! So I made my own! I
1.        I purchased three pieces of wood from a local hardware store
2.       Then purchased about 10 samples of paint (the small containers at the store with the paint samples, that’s all I needed) its latex paint I paid about $2.75 per container. If you don’t want to buy paint, you could also use leftover paint from painting your house.
3.       Then I went to town! Painted whatever I wanted! The kids love them and so do I! We measure every six months! I can keep these forever and I only spent about $10.00-15.00 per chart  : )
That’s a savings of over $255!
-          Don’t forget when adding the inches on the side to start at two feet. Then hang it two feet off of the ground.
-          I also take pictures every time we measure. I keep a zip lock bag on the back and put the dates on each picture. It’s fun to see how much they grow in just six months!!!

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Hobby Lobby 40% Off Printable Coupon Plus Sales Ad!

Here's the weekly sales ad.... The link for the coupon is below.weekly ad

How To: Make Giant Bows For Decoration

How to: Make Giant Bows For Decoration:
1. Cut plastic tablecloths into strips.
2. Take two colors and tie into a bow.
3. Use a pencil or dowel rod for an anchor if you have a hard time tying it.
4. Tape, glue, or tack to the corners of the table or any other object you wish to bow-ify.
Suggestion: for a more permanent giant bow, consider purchasing tulle or heavier waterproof fabric like the kind used for outdoor furniture.
These are great for any occasion, especially ones with kids, because even if something gets spilled on them, they can be washed or recycled! Easy clean up!
For more party tips, check out How To: Make A Wishing Tree.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

17 Ways To Use Bread Tabs

Bread tabs. I know you have a handful of them stuck in a junk drawer. Here are a few ways to use those babies...

Organize your cords
Store spare hair pins 
Creative Commons
 Stitch marker
Reusable quilt marker
Label spare keys
Wall art

Guitar Picks
Make these mini monsters for Halloween party bags...

Halloween Eco Friendly Craft Recycled Bread Tag Monsters
Wine Glass charms for parties- you'll never mix your drinks up again
 Bingo Chips
Make this necklace
Or these earrings
Bread Tab Earrings
Source: Wizzy Bliss Jewellery. Earrings.
Make a dress
Fix your flip flops

Mark the end of the tape without wasting it.

And of course.... ;)

*Original sources are unknown for all photos above without sources listed. If the above are yours, please let me know and I will gladly add credit where credit is due.*

Saturday, February 9, 2013

You Will Never Look At A Toilet Paper Roll The Same Way Again

Beleive it or not, although there is a snow storm in the North, it is almost seed starting time here in the South. This life hack got me looking for more ways to recycle and reuse toilet paper rolls. I didn't realize there were so many ways to reuse something I tend to toss!

As a seed starter... 

Impromptu iPhone holder...

 For organizing cords...

For keeping wrapping paper from unrolling...

For wrapping small presents... 

Toilet paper roll gift boxes

Add fabric for a jewelry tray...
toilet paper jewelry box
For the birds...

To manage bathroom appliance cords... 


Fun for  your little pets...

Image source: (Credit: Image courtesy of University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio)

For Teh lulz...

Glove Gun - 4 Teh Lulz

Now that we've looked at the practical, what about the beautiful?

 Yuken Teruya has some very beautiful paper craft works of art...

Source: via

So does Anastasia Elias...


What about mini masks by Junior Fritz Jacquet?


How about something a little less refined but just as fun for the kids? Make a circle or heart stamp for Valentines Day! Use the stamp to make cards and wrapping paper from newspapers!


Painting with toilet paper tubes

Christmas Poinsetta Wreath!
Another crafty option... Everybody loves owls!

Just because...

Do you have any awesome ways of reusing paper rolls?
*Original sources are unknown for several of the above photos. If the above are yours, please let me know and I will gladly add credit where credit is due.*