Thursday, May 30, 2013

TODAY ONLY- Super Deal: $5 Teen Vogue Magazine Subscription- TODAY ONLY

I've been resting a lot, since I have been sick. It would have been great to have a stack of magazines to ready while I recover. When I saw this in my email, I thought this deal was so good, I had to share it. It said $5 subscriptions. I thought, wow! Then I realized the length of the subscriptions were also shortened. The only "deal here is Teen Vogue- $5 for 10 isues. It's still shareworthy. One Day Only!

Now back to resting! Enjoy your magazines!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Save Some Energy If You Are Sick

I am writing this post sick in bed. I posted on my Facebook that I was sick. A few of my friends have kindly emailed me suggestions on how to get better faster for various types of sicknesses. So I thought I would share them with you.

Umcka Care

My friend at work, Kristie suggested Umcka Care, a homeopathic medicine that helps reduce the severity of colds, coughs, sore throats, etc. The pharmacist (and the box) said it is a traditional South African treatment made from daffodil extract, pelargonium sidoids 1x. Turns out, that what I have was not something this could help, but if you use it and like it, let me know. I'll keep it in mind for the next time I get a cold and let you know, either way. The pharmacist was super nice and also let me take photos of her cute shoes (I work in fashion, so even sick I could not resist).
The pharmacist's cute shoes!

 Garlic Cinnamon

My friend Claire suggests mixing cinnamon with garlic to help reduce a cough.

Red Wine Hot Toddie

I like to make a hot toddy of hot water, red wine, lemon juice, red pepper, and maple syrup. Boil everything up except for the red wine- add that last and don't let it boil or you will lose medicinal value. As for the amounts of what you should put into it- the old family saying goes if it taste good, its a cocktail, but if it doesn't taste good its medicine. Make it accordingly. The only drawback is this is not good for someone with acid reflux or stomach issues like an ulcer.

My friend Aidan suggested these tips:

If you have a throat infection: "Eat garlic cloves straight to coat your throat. It burns really bad for a few moments, but it provides long lasting relief. Garlic has anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties.
(Selena's Note: I did this before when I needed to and it burned pretty bad at first and made my stomach hurt a bit, but my throat started to feel better an hour later).
For sleep, take melatonin, which balances the circadian rhythm with a natural healthy boost to your immune system.
Drink meals of raw fruits and vegetables for the living enzymes they provide that rebuild and strengthen our bodies; drinkable meals save energy normally used on digestion.
There are some good CDs out that help you learn to easily adjust your brainwaves and fall asleep easier. You basically listen to light static noise or some other soothing sound while you fall asleep."
Of course there are prescriptions too and the above suggestions are only in addition to your doctors orders. Consult a doctor to make sure the above are safe for you.

Do you have any homeopathic or homemade remedies?

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