Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Boilermakers Beware The Phony Purdue Alumni Bill!

Here's the best savings tip I will ever give you. Watch out for fake bills, especially coming from your alma mater. I worked on the Purdue Telefund Fundraising Team and it was a blast. I enjoyed talking with other Purdue Alumni to update them on what was going on at Purdue, listen to their stories about college, and occasionally obtain a generous donation on the schools behalf. I understand that they need donations now more than ever. But this is something I am pretty sure could be fraudulent.

I received a letter in the mail marked "urgent" from Purdue. It said, "MEMBERSHIP DUES NOTICE ENCLOSED" in big ominous capital letters with a red "URGENT" stamp on top.

First of all, I am not sure how Purdue obtained my forwarding address, but I graduated in 2010 and I have never paid a penny into the Purdue Alumni Association. I didn't see the benefits of it.

What makes this letter so concerning for me is this: beside the fact that it is marked "URGENT," it looks very much like a bill even more so because it has an "Amount Due" line as well as a due date of November 15th, 2013.

Purdue, you've sunk to an all time low with this stunt.

I am curious how many other Boilermakers have received this letter. Even with a college degree, this could be confusing to some people. So I will be filing this with the United States Postal Inspection Service as fraudulent mail. If you agree that it is deceptive, please share this link and file a claim as well. 

Here is the link where you can file a claim too:

"Loyalty lives here." Because nothing spells out loyalty quite like your alma mater attempting to commit fraud against you.

Boiler up, eh?

Edit: Update 10-31-13 Just to clarify, I understand this was not a bill, and I was mostly concerned about the elderly alumni who may find it confusing.