Sunday, April 21, 2013

Happy Birthday to Our Returning Guest Blogger:Krystal! NSFW (Due to men with no shirts & funny language)

My name is not larry, but this was a cute one!

It's Krystal's birthday today!!

You may remember Krystal from our past guest posts. In honor of Krystal's birthday, I made this compilation of Youtube videos. Heads up: some videos are potentially not be safe for work, depending on your job.

You and the kids can dance to this one:

I know you aren't 20...

WTF? Just for the lulz

The intro is at least cute..

Give him a break.. he's too drunk to know your real name (or spelling)...

We already met, but what the heck...

This girl starts out looking like someone we would have been friends with in high school...

*Disclaimer: None of these videos were made for Krystal. All videos were made for someone else named Krystal. I find that Youtube videos are much more entertaining when viewed in a context they were not intentionally mean to be viewed.*

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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Blossoms in Bloom: An Interview with Jenn Z




An Interview with 

Jenn of Jenn Z Floral Designs 

The following is an interview I did with the very talented florist, my dear friend, Jenn Z of Jenn Z Floral Designs. I had hoped to post this around the holidays, however sometimes time just sweeps you away. Nonetheless, I think these tips are useful for any time of year, and the photos of her arrangements are beautiful! Now that it is SPRING in the Northern Hemisphere, I thought it would be a perfect time to post this. Thanks to Jenn for taking the time out to do the interview.

Jenn, center

Selena: How long have you been a floral artist?

Jenn Z: I started at a flower shop in 2005, but had taken floral arranging classes through 4H throughout childhood. I began my freelance business in the summer of 2009.

Selena: Do you have any basic tips for someone creating their own flower arrangements?

Jenn Z: When making a round arrangement, create triangles. Start out filling the bottom, then add the top flower, then fill in making smaller triangles. This will guarantee that you have a more balanced looking arrangement. Don't forget to space out color evenly too, unless you are purposely blocking colors in the arrangement.

"When making a round 

arrangement [start by] 

creating triangles." 

- Jenn Z 

Selena: What are some good, more affordable flower options? 

Jenn Z: White pom daisies are great for people on a tight budget who love flowers. Pom daisies are not expensive compared to roses and can last up to 3 weeks! Also since several blossoms come on a stem, you can really just trim, and put into a vase if you are intimidated by designing. Spray paint a glass jar red or silver and add a bunch of white pom daisies for a fun holiday arrangement!

"White pom daisies are 

great for people on a 

tight budget who

 love flowers.

 Just trim and put into

 a vase!"

- Jenn Z

Selena: What is a good way to get more bang for your buck when it comes to buying flowers? Are there any secrets?

Jenn Z: Many people are disappointed when they grab roses at the grocery store and they wilt the next day. You can tell if they are older by feeling the blossom or head of the rose. If it feels soft, it is older and will wilt quickly. If it feels firm, it is fresher. Some stores mix in bunches of newer flowers with older flowers to trick consumers into getting the older flowers. Also, rose stems should be cut at a diagonal for optimal hydration.

Selena: Any tips or warnings about certain flowers or flowers to avoid?

Jenn Z: Flowers that have browning edges are usually older, no matter what variety. Try to steer clear of flowers that look older.

Selena: Do you have any tips for decorating your holiday table using flowers?

Jenn Z: Keep table arrangements no taller than 14 in. so that people can see over the arrangements. You can use evergreens in floral arrangements for a holiday feel, you might be able to get free evergreen trimmings from places that sell fresh Christmas trees- it doesn't hurt to ask! Don't forget that jewel tones like dark pinks and purples are beautiful during the holidays, you don't have to just stick to red and green!

To hire Jenn in the Indianapolis, IN area contact her at: or visit her Facebook fan page.
P.S. In case you were curious about her beautiful photos, she's also a model! All photos courtesy of her Facebook business and personal pages.

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