Thursday, February 21, 2013

How to Be a Super Mom: Part 3: Growing, Growing, Grown!

The following is the second in a guest post series by Krystal Taylor my good friend and “Super Mom” of three...

A few months after her second and third children were born (surprise, twins!), her husband got laid off so she had to go back to work. Here are a few of the life saving tips that she uses to balance work and home life.

Growing, Growing, Grown :-(

Somewhere along the line of being a parent I started to become crafty. I also realized by me being crafty, I could save money and have something fun to do. I decided one say that I wanted growth charts for my kids. Well, we got paper ones and they were ripped down the first week. I need something more durable. I looked on but to buy three I was going to pay close to $300.00! So I made my own! I
1.        I purchased three pieces of wood from a local hardware store
2.       Then purchased about 10 samples of paint (the small containers at the store with the paint samples, that’s all I needed) its latex paint I paid about $2.75 per container. If you don’t want to buy paint, you could also use leftover paint from painting your house.
3.       Then I went to town! Painted whatever I wanted! The kids love them and so do I! We measure every six months! I can keep these forever and I only spent about $10.00-15.00 per chart  : )
That’s a savings of over $255!
-          Don’t forget when adding the inches on the side to start at two feet. Then hang it two feet off of the ground.
-          I also take pictures every time we measure. I keep a zip lock bag on the back and put the dates on each picture. It’s fun to see how much they grow in just six months!!!

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