Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Perspective: What is Money?

Besides paper pulp,ink, and a mono-filament security strip, money really isn't much of anything. It is not backed by gold or silver anymore. It isn't made of precious metals or rare valuable paper (although the paper itself is a special formula).

Money is simply a socially acceptable transference of power based on a system of trust.

All the same, it is neither right nor wrong to have money vs. have very little money. I don't write about saving money because of wanting more money or wanting to spend less.There are some who hoard money and there are some who un-wisely choose poverty. Both are wrong. The reason I choose to be frugal is not about the money itself- it is about retaining the power of money over my own life. It is about not letting the importance of money get in the way of the really important things in life. It is about saying "No" to the voices of society which scream in our brains that we need this or that thing to be happy.

The most valuable money lesson we can learn is that the dollar is really simply a tool to achieve goals. As I said before, money is a socially acceptable transference of power. Therefore, gaining and retaining money is a skill worth seeking out. However, this should always be balanced with moderation. The purpose behind seeking out money is a more important factor in the right or wrong of having and keeping money. Intention is key.

In the end, no amount of money or power or piles of things, gold or silver or diamonds can ever compare to the value of love, friendship, and charity. What is valuable? The pride of a good and honest day's work. The feeling of tiny hands and toes and the laughter of a baby. The warmth of an embrace. The honesty of a friend. The love of a soul mate. Waking up every morning to the person you love more than anything in the world. The pride of knowing that you lived up to your potential. The joy of love. These things have no price and are worth far more than rubies or gold.

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