Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Always Read The Fine Print + DIY Magnifying Glass Project

While reading my friends Facebook updates today I noticed one of those dear to my heart posted this:
“I wonder if there is such a thing as an honest realtor??? Found out today that we have to vacate our house on the day of closing instead of getting the 10 days we agreed to. I will never listen to anyone again who tells me.. “Just sign here, it’s like all the other addendums you’ve signed.”

Which brings me to my savings tips for today… always read the fine print, especially for anything relating to money changing hands. If you are signing a lease, read the fine print. If you are confirming a job offer, read the fine print. If you are submitting a rebate, read the fine print. Not only will this help ensure accuracy, it will help you make sure that everything you thought you were getting is what you are actually getting out of the deal.

It broke my heart to see something like this happen to someone I love, and it could have been prevented quite simply by reading the fine print.

Reading Takes Time:

If you can, take the paperwork home to review at your leisure. Ensure you read both your copy and the copy for the person with whom you are entering a contract, and that your copies are identical so there's no bait-and-switch going on.

Consider The Buddy System:

If you are aged, or have poor eyesight, always bring a trusted friend to read your paperwork to you or for you. If that is not possible, ask for the file to be sent digitally and use a text to voice program.

Try Your Hand At Sleuthing:

Use a magnifying glass. Not only will it help you read the fine print, it will make you look cool. Ok, maybe not, but it will be fun… While you are at it, wear a trench jacket and chew on a fat pretzel stick as if it is a cigar (sorry, no real cigars- lung cancer is expensive). You can find fake mustaches here, to complete the look.

DIY Magnifying Glass:

To really romanticize poor eyesight (you know you want to), make a cool yet affordable magnifying glass. Buy a cheap metal one and transform it with bake-able clay and some bronze colored paint.While the clay is soft, mold it to your liking. Add texture with fishnet, tulle, or a toothpick. After baking is complete, rub some green paint into the creases and wipe off for that antiqued look. Let dry.
Of course, if your eyesight is that bad, creating a custom made fine art magnifying glass is probably not at the top of your list… so humor me. I’m the humorous,Sherlock Holmes fangirl romantizing-poor-eyesight creative type.;)

***Nerd Warning*** 
(Mental image: Can you hear the sirens? Sorry, I watch too much sci-fi and I'm envisioning red flashing lights and an annoyingly repetitive beeping signalling something like a nuclear reactor preparing to blow or a ship full of aliens flying through a Stargate... please continue...)
This link will be useless to you if you have poor eyesight, but it's really cool if you have kids: Make your own water magnifier.

If that doesn't work for you, you can always request a digital copy to view zoomed in on your computer, them print at home to ensure it is the same thing you are signing.

Consult A Lawyer:

Is the legal-eze just above your head? Legal documents sometimes seem like they are purposefully written to confuse you. If you are low income and cannot afford a lawyer but have the need for one, consider visiting or Google search “free legal advice.” Depending on your case, there may be professionals in your area willing to help for a small fee or pro- bono (volunteer).

Moral of the story: Don’t let yourself become the victim.
Have you ever had any issues understanding the legal paperwork of rebates or contracts?

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