Sunday, August 11, 2013

Top 10 Life Hacks For Summer

10. Make DIY ice cream sandwiches the easy way!

50 Hottest Summer Life Hacks

9. Pick a perfect avocado.
Visit Source Site: (Disclaimer: four letter word in title)

8. Stop a mosquito bite from stinging.
Bitten by mosquitoes?
"Dab a cotton ball in vinegar and hold it over the bite. This works best if you’ve just been stung. The itching and swelling should dissipate and NEVER COME BACK. Orajel works too." Thanks,

7. Freeze aloe vera to heal a sun burn.

"Freeze aloe vera for summer sun burn." Source:
6. Make the perfect iced coffee.
More stress free Ice Coffee

5. Pick the perfect bikini bottom.
When shopping for a bathing suit, make sure that the fabric is tight in the butt area.
"The fabric will stretch a half size bigger once you get in the water, resulting in that common but dreaded Saggy Butt Syndrome." Thanks,

4. Use baby powder to get the sand off.
9-Baby powder gets the sand off! add this to your beach bag!
3. Make natural bug repellent.
50 Hottest Summer Life Hacks
Lime and cloves- it actually smells good! Source:

2. Make a secret beach stash bottle for your valuables.
50 Hottest Summer Life Hacks
1. Make an instant slurpie.

These Life Hacks Will Get You Through This Disgustingly Hot Summer
"Shake up the soda while it’s still sealed and set it in the freezer for 3 hours and 15 minutes. Loosen the cap to let some of the pressure escape and turn it upside down. IT BECOMES A SLUSHY. But you really should watch the video [below] if you don’t want a soda explosion in your freezer." Thanks,

Do you have any summer life hack tips?

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